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Dear Patron and Follower of Buckingham Fine Art Emails;

We have decided to bring our recipients knowledge of the vast and exciting world of art up to a higher level. Many do educate themselves by reading about this artist or those articles that happen in front of them. Fine Art is not taught in the schools except those that elect to specifically study at selected Fine Art Schools. Those individuals are a tiny percentage of the population. We are presenting a cross section of events that will bring your knowledge up on artists living or past, that have made an impact on the world through their art. You'll also be appraised of the depth breadth of the fine art industry in its vast dollar value, political impact and what's really going on. We'll also report on the small but interesting things. Yes we will have highlights of art, new and interesting at Buckingham Gallery.

We call this news package "ARTicle".

We truly would appreciate your comments.
Wayne Buckingham

ARTicle Issues

ARTicle Issue No. 1   ARTicle Issue No. 2   ARTicle Issue No. 3
Premiere Issue
Mighty Numbers Arise in the 2014 International Art Market
  Issue No. 2
Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold at Auction
  Issue No. 3
Expensive Ladies in the Art World News

ARTicle Issue No. 4   ARTicle Issue No. 5   ARTicle Issue No. 6
Issue No. 4
Investing in Important
Canadian Art
  Issue No. 5
International Fine Art Market Kicks Off 2016
  Issue No. 6
Important Investment Quality Canadian Fine Art

ARTicle Issue No. 7   ARTicle Issue No. 8
Issue No. 7
Walking Down a Trail with Michael Dumas
  Issue No. 8
Welcome to the $45 Billion Dollar World Art Market

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