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The Group of Seven
In the Canadian art market, the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson rank number one in investment quality and consistent value. This is proven by the substantial sales at auction across the country.
Buckingham Fine At has been involved in this market for about 35 years. In earlier years, there was a little more availability compared to the market today. Major works now command impressive prices as do middle priced works. Oil sketches and rare smalle paintings are better priced and within the grasp of more modest budgets. It is worth noting that oil sketches have increased in value considerably in the last decade or so.
Thus, when the small pieces become available, they are indeed worth a look.
If you are interested, please call or email to arrange a viewing. We also have other paintings by other members of the Group for those considering a larger investment. These pieces can be seen in photo format initially for consideration. The originals can be viewed at prearranged times.
Wayne Buckingham                 

Group of Seven
Frederick Varley, A. Y. Jackson, Lawren Harris, Barker Fairley (guest artist), Frank Johnston,
Arthur Lismer, and J. E. H. MacDonald ~ Arts and Letters Club, Toronto ca.1920

"October Madawaska"  ·  1949  ·  A.J. Casson  ·  Oil on Board  ·  12" x 15" - SOLD

"Old Mill -Crooks Hollow"  ·  1924  ·  A.J. Casson  ·  Oil on Panel  ·  9" x 11" - SOLD

"Autumn Tapestry"  ·  1927  ·  A.J Casson  ·  Oil on Panel  ·  9" x 11" - SOLD

"Buckslide"   ·  1938  ·  A.J Casson  ·  Oil on Panel  · 9" x 11" - SOLD

"Credit Forks"  ·  1928  ·  A.J. Casson  ·  Watercolour on Paper  ·  9¾" x 10¾" - SOLD

"Windy Weather"  ·  1922  ·  J.E.H. MacDonald  ·  Oil on Panel  · 8½" x 10½" - SOLD

"Sand Lake - Algoma"  ·  1919  ·  A.Y. Jackson  ·  Oil on Panel  ·  8½" x 10½" - SOLD 

F.H. Varley
"Moonlight Solitude"  ·  1929  ·  F.H. Varley  ·  Oil on Canvas  ·  12" x 16" - SOLD

Carl F. Schaefer
"Barns and Houses"  ·  Carl F. Schaefer  · Watercolour on Paper   ·  14½" x 16½" - SOLD

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